QMTI, Pune

Our Expedition has been aptly titled ‘Mission Everest-2017 – Soldiering on’ in light of our last experience on Everest in 2015, the small role we played in the rescue efforts in  ( HEADLINES TODAY NEWS excerpt  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAZ4MOGcmCo&feature=youtu.be&t=363 ), during the devastating earthquake of April 25th,  that struck Nepal, and triggered a massive avalanche at The Everest Base Camp.  The avalanche wreaked complete havoc at the Everest Base Camp, burying us, along with our entire camp and left in its wake, a trail of destruction and chaos.   We counted ourselves extremely fortunate, (and continue to do so) to have survived this disaster, and while we lost a lot of our equipment and supplies, decided to stay back and assist the Indian Army Everest Team (which was also at Everest that year) in the rescue and relief work at the glacier.  We were not qualified to offer medical relief to those injured at the site, so we did the best that we could to offer whatever little support we were able to in the form of providing logistic and physical assistance to the rescue effort. We came home a few weeks later, feeling lucky to be alive and found, to our surprise, that our story had been covered in several news publications at the time all of which appreciated our efforts.  We were subsequently invited by several organizations and institutes to share our experience and learnings from this event and we believe our story has had quite a positive effect on them thus far. 

MISSION EVEREST -2017 is dedicated to saluting this very spirit of resilience and unwavering persistence in the face of incredible adversity. We could not think of an organization that mirrors this sentiment better than our Armed Forces, and thus, through this mission, we intend to focus our joint efforts in creating awareness and raising funds for ‘Our Soldiers’, especially those who have been wounded in the line of duty. In this quest, we join hands with ‘The Queen Mary’s Technical Institute [QMTI] for Differently Abled Soldiers’, the only NGO of its kind in the country, focusing on rehabilitating our soldiers injured in the line of duty.

We recently had the chance to spend the day with the Military Personnel and trainees from Queen Mary’s Technical Institute For Differently Abled Soldiers for Republic Day.  This is a small video showcasing our experience. 

ME2017 – QMTI