What’s Your Everest ?

STOP . . . !!!  Now I want you to really think about this.  What did you really want to achieve, when you were a kid ? 

It could be as ordinary as wanting to top your class in a test / exam / semester in a subject as terrifying as Maths


It could be a life’s ambition, an incredible dream; an unfathomable goal, probably like becoming AVP, CEO or even running your own company.

At some point in time in your life, you have faced an incredible ambition, one that has or will compel you to rise to the challenge, will redefine you as an individual, will be the very hallmark of your life and existence; your very own proverbial ‘Everest’.

In our case, this isn’t just a figure of speech. For us, our life’s goal is to actually climb  . . . Mt Everest.


It didn’t happen overnight.  It has taken us over 4 years for just the idea to take root, and grow into a structure that can actually make climbing Everest in 2015, really happen.

Seven years ago, I was just another guy with a designation, working in the Human Resource department of Infosys, while Sauraj, went through the motions of being a ‘Manager’ in Standard Chartered Bank.  Besides being incredible friends and MBA batchmates from Symbiosis, we both shared an insatiable passion for mountaineering.   Another commonality, we shared was the utter disdain we had for the monotony of the so called ‘Corporate life’ we were leading.  After endless hours of cribbing, we actually decided to do something about it and so in the summer of 2010, in the heart of an economic recession, much to the astonishment of bosses, colleagues, and friends alike, we quit our respective jobs and started our very own self funded, ‘Private Limited’, adventure and travel company called ADVENTURE PULSE.

Summit of Mera Peak (6754mtrs); 18th Oct 2010


“Avalanche – Everest Base Camp 2015”. 

With Adventure-Pulse firmly established, our aspirations fell on the lofty heights of Everest.  Afer a year of training and hardwork, as well as running from the proverbial ‘pillar to post’ try to raise money, we actually managed to launch our very own expedition.  We were all set to climb Everest when we were hit by the Nepal Earthquake on 25th April 2015 and the subsequent avalanche that swept over the Base Camp, claiming several lives.

Summit of Mera Peak (6754mtrs); 18th Oct 2010

At this point in time, we had two very strong redeeming factors which would act as motivators during the days to come in our fight for survival.  The first was that our continued presence on the Khumbu Glacier brought tremendous relief and aid to many climbers and staff who had lost everything, including clothes in the wake of the Avalanche. By staying on, the purpose of our expedition was not just about climbing a mountain anymore, but assisting in the rescue and evacuation efforts to the best of our abilities.

The second, was in our decision to walk down the Khumbu Glacier back rather than taking a ‘Heli-Evac’ directly from the Base Camp.  During our journey down from the Khumbu Glacier, we came across many remote settlements which were badly affected during the earthquake. We were thus able to distribute our surplus rations and money to these families thus ensuring that, in our own small way, we could make a difference in this incredible place that has now come be our second home.


After one year, I can proudly say that we are still standing, and are certainly leaner (though hopefully not meaner) versions of what we were when we first took the proverbial plunge to climb Everest. Mission Everest – 2017 has become one of the greatest projects, we at Adventure-Pulse have taken on and remains a natural extension of our own passion to explore remote & exotic locales and share these experiences with like minded people.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

ADVENTURE-PULSE has led expeditions through the cold desserts of Ladakh, across the frozen rivers of the Zanskar, over the high peaks and passes of the Himalayas in India & Nepal, and atop the highest mountains on the distant shores of Africa! We have received laurels and accolades for leading groups of all ages with a 100% safety record and more importantly, gained the confidence and expertise in leading climbing expeditions to high altitude mountains above 6000mtrs.

Today, we stand ready to take on the biggest challenge that the field of Mountaineering has to offer yet again; the summit of Mt Everest.


Everest is and always has been an extremely dangerous, inhospitable place where humans were never intended to exist let alone survive. Temperatures at the top are typically around 36 degrees Celsius below zero and are often known to drop to frigid – 60 degrees Celsius! The jet stream winds buffet the top of Everest with hurricane force for much of the year. Avalanches are a constant threat and fierce storms may blow up unexpectedly often trapping climbers. Shifting glaciers can open suddenly, creating deep crevasses, often obscured by snow.

Keeping these challenges in mind, once again, the past year has been spent on not just the physical fitness and preparation but also perfecting our technical skills and abilities. Adding to this is the all-pervading need to ensure that we continue with business-as-usual as far as Adventure Pulse is concerned which is, as you can well imagine, much easier said than done.

Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering (NIM- 2014 ); Ice craft Advance Mountaineering Certification